Best Wood For Smoking Pork Ribs

Published: June 14, 2022 #Pellet Grill #Pork Ribs #Pork #Wood 

When you are smoking meat low and slow, and spending hours tending the fire and the cook. You want to make sure that you pick the right wood to really bring out the taste and the flavor of the meat you are smoking.

This is part of series to match the right wood to the right meat.

Best Wood

1. Apple Wood

Apple wood is a perfect match for pork, because apple wood has a subtle sweet and fruity flavor. This enhances the natural flavors in pork.

I have used Apple wood, on Pork Ribs, Pork Butts, and making pulled pork sandwiches.

2. Pecan Wood

Pecan wood is a good match with Pork. It is different from Apple wood in the sense that it is a more subtle flavor and adds nutty flavor dimension to the pork.

3. Maple Wood

Maple wood is another sweet and fruity wood, that brings out the flavors in Pulled Pork

4. Orange Wood

Orange wood is a good choice, since iit has citrusy notes that bring citrus flavor to your pork meat.

5. Peach Wood

Peach wood adds floral notes to you pork meet. The flavor is much more delicate and light, and works best with the lighter and more delicate versions of pork

Woods to Avoid

1. Alder Wood

Alder wood is a much stronger wood flavored wood, it is better suited for beef. It has the possibility of overwhelming your pork meat.

2. Mesquite Wood

Mesquite has a very strong flavor and is typically used in Beef or heartier cuts of meat. Pork is better with something that is lighter in flavor.